Why Finland has the World’s Best Education System

Finland Education System

We see the United States at the number 1 place in many areas. But in education system, Finland ranks number 1 in the world.

According to the survey in 2015, the rank of united states in terms on education is 17th in the world. We,  Indians always believe that USA and UK have the best quality education. But, that’s not true.

Finland, the country known for the foundation of Nokia and Angry bird, is leading in the education system.

Here are the 10 amazing things to know about the education system in Finland.

10 Reasons Why Finland has the World’s Best Education System

1. Late Schooling!

Finnish children don’t start school earlier. Besides, they don’t start going to school until they are 7. Compare to other developed countries, in Finland, the school starts very late.

2. School Timing

School timing of this country is very less than other countries. The schools start at 9:00 AM and end at 1:00 PM. In a week, there are only 20 hours of lectures.

Finland education system

3. Less Homework

Instead of giving so much homework to the students, Finnish schools give less homework which generally takes 10-15 minute to complete.

Besides, there are fewer exams in Finland compare to other countries.

By doing this, all the students can give proper time to their interested fields such as sports, music and art.

4. No Competition

The difference between the highest scorer in the class and the lowest scorer in the class is the lowest in Finland. That’s why all the students are treated in the same way.

Also, there are no different classrooms for a topper or low scorer.

5. Value of Teachers

The value of teachers in Finland is very surprising. Teachers need the master degree to qualify to become a teacher.

In other countries, doctors, lawyers, engineers and chartered accountant are the most respected profession. In Finland, the teachers are also included in the most respected profession.

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6. Outside Work

From the initial year of schooling, Finland schools start giving outside work as it’s a part of their syllabus. The students started understanding the real-life application of any subject from a very young age.

7. Research Time

Finnish students spend almost triple time in research and self-development compare to the students of the United States.

8. Middle-Class People

Most of the people in Finland are middle-class. There are very few private schools in Finland. That’s why rich people have to prefer public school. And therefore, Finland has equality between the rich and middle-class people.

9. Not a Business

Education is now becoming a business in many countries. The education cost is affordable in Finland.

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10. Atmosphere

The country has a very friendly atmosphere between students and teachers. Regular support of highly qualified teachers can help a student successful.

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