Future Scope of Highly Popular Field: Computer Science

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Computer science/engineering is one of the most favorable fields in all over the world. Youngsters are learning computer science with so much of interest.

One of the most important factors of this field is high salary. Students don’t want to go for field work(mechanical/civil/electrical engineering) and they want a white-collar job.

Today’s Scenario

Software industries and Technology giants want highly qualified and intelligent people at their workplace. So that they can develop the best services or products by hiring intelligent people.

Tech companies like Facebook, Amazon, Google, Apple, Microsoft and Samsung are spending too much money on research based on machine learning, deep learning, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, virtual reality, data mining and big data. These are the emerging areas of computer science.

General Trend

Facebook and Google are doing free courses to learn programming languages for students and bringing awareness about computer science. Most of the students are learning to programme from Youtube mainly.

Newspapers and Social media have also played a big role in creating a trend on computer science. Most of the students are following this trend not only in India, but also in the world. Without interest and knowing the future scope of computer science, students are getting admissions in computer science.

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Computer science/engineering is the fastest changing and developing field. That is the reason students have to learn new things and update their knowledge. College syllabus will not provide a dream job. Students have to think out of the box!

However, there are so many jobs available in this field and that makes computer science special. Students who have the quality of knowledge in a particular area which is running in an industry will definitely get a good job.

If you are not interested in coding, then you can get a job on the base of networking, database administrator, web designer, animation and graphic designer, software/website tester and digital marketing expert.

Problems in Placements

If you are thinking only computer engineering students can code, then you are wrong! It is the trending field that’s why it also has a huge competition in the market. Students who are studying in commerce are also playing big role against computer engineers. You can learn BCA/MCA (Bachelors in Computer Application) and BSc IT(Bachelor of Science with Information and Technology).

Employers have to pay more to engineers because engineering degree is considered higher degree compare to BCA and BSc. So employers will hire 2 persons who have studied instead of hiring 1 engineer.

On the other side, some students of the hard branch(Mechanical/Civil) are learning to code. It can also become a problem for computer engineering students. Many students in the United States are getting hired without any degree! It is based on personal skills.

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I have experienced and researched about all these things happening or going to happen. Share your views on your field area or write something about computer science in the comment area.

Everyone should learn how to code, it teaches you how to think. – Steve Jobs

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