Meaning of Education

The Real Meaning Of Education

Education is not about getting good grades , education is not about memory test , education is not about how smartly you understand particular topic. The real meaning of education is here.

The Real Meaning of Education

Education is all about learning a specific topic with its application by generating and executing different type of ideas.


The application is the most important thing in education which should be considered as the measurement of intelligence. 

Many schools and even colleges totally ignore this aspect. Not being innovative is as much of a roadblock as having poor knowledge and skills.


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What are we doing?

The way we are studying or so-called educating ourselves is totally different. In school class the teacher told us to “learn” particular chapter or topic and then after some days there will be a test of that chapter or topic.

This nonsense is called “LEARN” by the class teacher. What the f**k!! Will it increase our intelligence? – Not at all, The teachers are just checking our memory power.

That’s what we are doing for a long long time. Everywhere we speak about development but what about the development of an education system!

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  1. Keep going my frnd ….. ur doing different nd something valuable. ….good luck 😊👍

  2. Very very good job my friend , please keep it up and inspire us, and you are good entrepreneur in future so continue your site .

  3. Yes..agree..we are building high class schools with luxurious facilities still suicides among students are increasing..because we are not giving life oriented means to draw out inner hidden skills of a student..mere accumulation of knowledge will not help..our Indian culture has given the superb “tapovan ” system of learning..we should learn from it.

  4. Great thought.. And a good step towards awareness in people. Of course you should continue this site. It’s awesome. 😄


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