The Reality of Indian Media | Analysis

The reality of Indian Media

According to World Press Freedom Index, the rank of Indian media was 136th in 2017. In 2018, the rank of Indian media is 138.

Very few newspapers and channels had taken interest in such an important news. Simply because they don’t want to lose the trust of the people.

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In this article, we will discuss why our media rank is so poor.

This survey includes magazines, newspapers and TV channels mainly.

Many people say that our media is highly influenced by the political parties and that’s true!

India has a total 38 Hindi TV news channels according to Quora. And total, 1,05,443 registered newspapers in India. In our country, the media is a business run by business houses.

Here are the things we should consider for the very bad rank of Indian media.

5 Things to Know about the POOR Indian Media 

1. The Profit:

Most of the news channels are highly dependable on advertisements. This happens because mostly all the media company takes either less subscription or no subscription.

In business terms, it is called as ‘freemium business model’.

The media company makes a lot of money threw the advertisers but still the company cannot make a profit from just advertising business.

2. Politics:

Almost every media company is associated with any political party.

Any big leader of political party buys the private equity of the company. This means he is the owner of the company as well. That’s why the channel has to show the news which is being told by him.

By doing this, the political parties don’t need to give the extra amount while promoting their party or defaming another political party.

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3. Negativity:

The ranking of Indian media decreased because of showing too much negative news.

When we start reading a newspaper in the morning or watching TV, we always see the negative news.

Only few newspaper, TV channel or magazine promotes positivity and really good content. Even the big media players tend to promote negativity in order to gain more traffic and eventually they made more money. 

4. Paid and Corrupted:

The politics and paid news are integrally connected. We as viewers literally understand which newspapers or which news channels are associated with any particular party.

It is a foundation of paid news.

For instance, someone ‘expert‘ says in CNBC interview to buy Reliance Power and the stock will go up by 10% in next 6 months. It doesn’t make sense.

Many people lose their money by following the tips of newspaper and TV channels. 

5. Quality Content

Hence we covered the paid news, it is easier to understand the quality of media.

Paid news decreases the quality of media.

You can also be on the news and become a superstar on the media. Just try to speak against our country and the media will start focusing on you!!! Instead of avoiding such things, the media companies promote such news as ‘BREAKING NEWS’.

I remember the day when Mark Zuckerberg came to IIT Delhi in October 2015. I was searching for his live speech. But, I found his speech on only one channel! All the other channels are focused on the Sheena Bora Murder Case.

By this example, we can understand the standard of the Indian media.

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