Why Engineers Can Do Everything

Why Engineers can do everything

Engineers are not only in technological field but they are everywhere! From the position like CEO to peon, engineers are everywhere. Here is the article: Why engineers can do everything. Enjoy.

Engineers are everywhere nowadays in India and can do everything because over 1.5 million engineers graduate every year in India according to Quora. The super most amazing fact is only 7% of graduate students get paid for getting technical knowledge.

Why It’s Happening

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As increasing number of seats in engineering, more students are wanting to become engineers because they generally think I can do it because everybody is doing. But after studying for some months, students generally thought “It was my fault for opting to engineer as a career“. It is not easy to survive in engineering.

As we discussed, only 7% of engineering students are eligible to get a job. Now let’s discuss 93% because they are the game changers.

The Game Changers

These people are those who are doing engineering just because of DEGREE because they know their potential. Some of them become an entrepreneur who mostly has a risk ability. Some of them totally changed their field to finance and management.

A large number of engineering students who start preparing government exam because they can easily crack the exam because of maths and technical advantages. Some creative people start writing blogs, learning photography, creating youtube channel etc.

There are also many students who try the crack the exam of life insurance and general insurance. Having bachelor and master degrees, some engineers start to work as a professor in engineering colleges.

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Engineers are also in the medical science field but as a researcher and in the development department. If nothing is happening above them, they also try to apply and work as a peon.

Why Highly Successful

These people are always willing to work hard as compare to commerce or arts students because they know, they are the beginner for a particular field. Most of the fund managers of BSE(Bombay Stock Exchange) are engineers. Commerce students generally ignore these engineers and these engineers become highly talented as compare to commerce students.

In this digital era, everything is now done online. Engineers are always better than other students to understand specific work related to the internet.

In engineering, you get to learn how to work smarter instead of harder. That makes the huge advantage in every field.

What’s Your Opinion

By the way, I am also the second year in engineering.  That’s why it is my personal experience. Write your opinion and share this article with your friends and family.


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