Steve Wozniak’s Thoughts on Indian Education System

Steve Wozniak on indian education system

In February – 2018, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak said “Success means having a job in India. There is no creativity”. After that statement Indians started replying Steve Wozniak on Twitter and it became a trending topic.

Let’s discuss about this topic because he has pointed on not only our education system but also our culture. After this statement, our education system has been proved the worst globally.

Steve Wozniak on Indian Education System

What did he really mean? 

Steve Wozniak is a co-founder of Apple Inc. He helped to build the world’s most valuable company: Apple Inc. But, no one is taking care about his position. What he was saying about India is totally correct.

It is our fault that we are not accepting the reality. We should accept this statement and try to improve Indian education system and our culture as well.

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It’s not about feeling proud that Sundar Pichai and Satya Nadella who are representing India as Google’s and Microsoft’s CEOs respectively. It is also not about feeling superior to the top technology companies of the United States have a large number of Indian software engineers.

It is also not about feeling proud for IITs and IIMs. It’s about to understand the condition of our culture and education system.


Students are taking admissions in IITs and IIMs because they just want safe and secure jobs. Success for students in India means doing 9 – 5 job. It has been taught by parents. There is no mistake of students.

In parenting, we have not included creativity, innovation and business skill. But, there is also huge mistake at school’s end. Students are not allowed to think out of the box.

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Those students, who are highly talented in their field tend to find a job outside India in order to make money and to live a healthy lifestyle! We Indians are so creative that we helped Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Apple to grow their billion dollar business.

There are only a few people are interested to innovate and build their own startup in India. Because we people have no mindset for taking the risk. Other people’s opinions matter a lot in our culture.

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Final words

The main problem in our country is the number of educated unemployed people are increasing rapidly. That’s why we have to take this statement seriously rather than arguing and showing the power of our country.

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