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Anuj Vohra 2020

I know. I know. I am writing this on February. Very late! Huh!

Personal Finance Course

In January, I was done with writing a script for my course. The core reason for creating the course was to educate the clients of Saral Investment. There would be no financial advisor in India who have thought to make a course to educate their clients. It was an experiment. I bought a mic for the voice-over. Hesitation was there as the mic was expensive. Finished and published the course on Udemy. I told my clients to leverage the course and learn the fundaments of investing.

However, the course “The Guide of Personal Finance and a Path of Wealth Creation” failed terribly. I was offering for free but still, people were not interested in that. Of course, I was sad. Had not expected this.


On the other hand, my Fiverr growth was significantly higher compared to all my other work. I started getting regular decent income from March. I was not sure about the income stability but the income went stable and gradually increased too despite the pandemic! I was getting projects regarding video editing, video making, and social media marketing consultation.

The Pandemic and Saral Investment

Sensex went from 41,000 to 26,000. Lockdowns were imposed. Businesses were making huge losses because of lockdown. Tough time it was indeed.

The “Asset Under Management” went down 35% in March. Some of the clients were worried about their money and why not! Everything was happening so fast. I was not mature in 2008 stock-market crash so this was the first time I saw the massive crash in the stock market.

The stock market started recovering extremely fast. Thankfully, there was no client of mine who lost his/her single rupee from the stock market. The core philosophy of Saral Investment ‘value investing and long term investing’ helped. I was fortunate enough to invest smartly during the crash and bought stocks of some of the greatest companies of India.

I wasn’t afraid to invest at that time because I invest for 15-20 years and may be more. Very very long term.

I read many articles regarding the US economy and found that people did not have cash in hand to survive! The USA is one of the richest countries in the world and half of their population did not have enough cash to survive such that the government had to announce stimulus for financial benefits. I got an idea and in June or July, I created a gig on Fiverr saying “I will give you my personal finance and wealth creation course”.

Got the very first order just after releasing the gig! I made the course in Indian currency and rules and regulations. But still, the clients were loving it! All from the USA.

I saw a rapid demand for my course. I decided to convert Indian data to the US specific and prepared a quiz. And, I started offering all these for $10. Some of the clients were so happy that they told me I provide value more than $100 for just $10.

I did not stop here. I started doing hourly consultation. And here is the video clip.

So happy helping people. However, disappointed as didn’t get response from Indian audience despite the course was made from them. Not for Americans.

Since then, I decided to focus more on finance along with video editing and social media marketing.

Final Year Engineering Project

I left programming from the second semester of computer engineering. So, I had no idea how to code in any language. Three of my friends and I were in the group. None of the group members knew programming. I tried to learn, took some help from the professor and finished the project. I guess my friends should thank me for completing the project successfully haha lol.

Here, I want to share my project with you. Watch the video.

First Job

Never interested to take a job. But, I was getting bored at home. My parents always wanted me to do a job in order to take the industry experience. However, they knew I can’t work under anyone for a longer period. I always love the freedom.

Three years of experience as a blogger on Itsfacile.com helped me and I got a job in an IT company in Bhavnagar. Getting a job was an experiment and it was a bit successful.

I will write a detailed blog on my work experience.

Youtube and Itsfacile

Focused more on Youtube for the first 6 months. Did not get enough time to focus on Itsfacile.

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