Why Boys are Weaker in Studies Compare to Girls?

boys vs girls in studies

For so many years, boys were better in studies in compare to girls. But, nowadays, the things are changing.

There are so many reasons why girls are ahead compared to boys. In this articles, we will not discuss anything related to a woman empowerment or such kind of stuff.

Today, we will discuss the analysis of the Organization of Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD).

In each and every area of education, girls are leading.

5 Reasons Why Boys are Weaker in Studies Compare to Girls

1. Childhood

From childhood and in primary schools, we believe that girls’ behavior’ is always better than boys’. People believe that boys mean indiscipline and destructive nature.

Starting from the early days of schooling, we never treat boys in the same way as girls. As a result, boys have a negative impact on such things from childhood.

Compare to girls, boys have less respected.

2. Reading

According to the major study of the UK, girls prefer to read newspapers, magazines, novels and poetry. Boys prefer comic and non-fiction.

We all know that reading is a good habit to get good marks.

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3. Homework

Boys spend less time on homework compare to girls. Generally, most of the boys complete their homework in a hurry. Also, many boys start to prepare for the exam lastly.

On the other side, girls take more to complete the homework and read the same topic many times.

4. Sport and Gaming

Most of the boys spend too much time on sports and computer/mobile gaming. Boys love the virtual world. And they spend less time on study. That’s why boys never learn and practice math and science on a regular basis.

5. Imagination Ignored!

When a girl shares her thoughts by writing or she writes a love story or any kind of emotional things, she will be awarded.

On the other side, when a boy writes anything related to action stories or he plans to start his own company, he will be ignored. Such things are happening because sometimes we are over-respecting girls.

If boys are constantly getting disapproval for their interest and enthusiasm, they are likely to become disengaged and lag further behind.

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