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Why We Should NOT Read Newspaper in the Morning?

Many people have a habit of reading newspaper in the morning. Reading newspaper is a good thing but it should not be read in the morning.

We live in a country where there are so many newspapers in different languages. That’s why it is easy to target people in particular area and influencing people. The survey says the people who are below 30 taking less interest in reading newspapers.

4 Reasons Why We Should not Read Newspapers in the Morning

1. Negativity

Almost each and every newspaper has so many articles that contain negativity. We all read such things in the morning.

Our mind is very sensitive. It stores all these small headlines and that’s how our day passes.

No doubt, we should be aware all the things which are happening around the nation and the world. But we can switch the timing of reading news easily.

We see such negative news:

  • A terror attack in Kashmir.
  • Vijay Malya Fraud.
  • Sensex went 500 points lower.
  • Job cut due to artificial intelligence.
  • Rape cases & Harassment news.

Trust me.  Such small headlines are highly effecting on your work ethic and proud towards the nation.

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2. Religious News

The religious news is always very sensitive because people love their respective religion. Probably, these kinds of news are the most influencing news.

Hindus talk about Muslims and Muslims talk about Hindus that’s what we read each morning. We are stopping our progress by discussing all such things!

And also these are not the news that we want to read.

We see such religious news:

  • Violence committed in the name of Islam.
  • Muslim techie beaten to death in Pune, 7 men of Hindu outfit held.
  • Dalit woman in Ahmedabad attacked for ‘Sitting on the chair” at school.

We are not born to listen to all such things. What we can do is, do our things properly and make our country proud. That should the target of each and every Indian.

In fact, there is also a possibility of fake news in newspapers also. Ignore such news and focus on your work.

3. Political News

We can say, where there is news, there is politics. Politics is the main reason behind the negative news and religious news.

Political parties can do everything for influencing people. Many time the same news is shown in a different meaning in different newspapers. That’s where paid media enters. All such news are paid. Not only paid, some politicians are buying the stack of a newspaper company.

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That’s why some newspaper always shows the positive side of particular party and some newspaper always shows the negative news of particular party.

We see much political news:

  • The highest price of petrol in Modi Government.
  • US-China trade war can crash the economy.
  •  Rahul Gandhi on Narendra Modi / Narendra Modi on Rahul Gandhi

In the morning, it is preferable to do some productive work rather than reading such political news.

4. Advertisements

How do all these newspaper earn money? Majority of their revenue comes from advertisements.

We see advertisements on each and every page of the newspapers. From the first page to the last page, ads are everywhere. Obviously, we don’t want to see ads while reading any news.

We see such advertisements:

  • Flipkart big billion day / Amazon The Great Indian Sale
  • Reliance Jio
  • Cars & Bikes Ads

These ads attract us for buying their products. We can also check their products in the afternoon or evening.

Final Words

Everyone should apply this thing to make progress in his/her life. After all, we all want success in our field.

These 4 things are based on my personal thoughts. Share your thoughts.

If you find this article useful, then let me know in the comment area. Share if you find something informative.

Thank You 🙂

Anuj Vohra

Founder of and Saral Investment

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