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Computer science students should use the technology of extensions because they work on PC or laptop most of the time.

In this article, I will tell you some amazing extensions which can change your way of working or doing projects online.

5 Best Extensions for Every Computer Science Student

1. Firebug Lite

Firebug is a very useful plugin for developers. This extension is allowing you to analyze network performance and activity. It is also providing a monitor for edit and debug in HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

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By using Firebug, we can easily view and edit CSS and JavaScript codes.

This extension is very quick and easy to use.

2. Page load time

Page load time extension is also very useful for developers. It helps you to check the speed of your webpage. This extension will immediately show the load time in the toolbar.

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It is not only useful for checking the load time but it is also helpful to check DNS(Domain name system) connectivity and response.

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If the load time is high even if with a good internet connection, you need to work on your website properly.

3. Wappalyzer

Wappalyzer is one of the most amazing and my personal extension. It helps you to all the things from which website has made. Not only this thing, it will also give you the information about website font, web server, operating system, video player and many more.

Wappalyzar - Educate- Itsfacile

By using this app, we can find CMS(content management system), CDN(content delivery network), JavaScript framework, programming language, an ad platform and many other things.

I have learned so many new things on latest web technology using this extension.

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4. Disconnect

Disconnect extension is also very useful. It will protect you from other tracking websites. Many websites include such tracking algorithms and that’s why a website gets slower.

Disconnect - Educte | Itsfacile

By using this extension, the page load speed can get faster up to 44%. If all the websites are running faster so we can complete task speedily and we can increase our productivity.

Disconnect was named best privacy tool by New York Times(2016).

5. Adblock

The last but not the least, Adblock is very useful for all the developers. It simply blocks ads from the website. We can focus on learning from YouTube videos and reading articles.

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