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Why I Left My First Job

Believe it or not, taking a job was just an experiment.

Reason for Taking First Job

It was a nation-wide lockdown and I had nothing to do at home except Fiverr and Saral Investment. I wanted to work more, learn more and explore new things.

Another important thing was, as it was a lockdown and covid time, there were millions of people losing job all across the world. From each and every industry, the companies fired employees to reduce the cost of their daily operations.

During such kind of tough time, if I managed to get a job, that could be my plus point. Even when people were losing their job, if I get a job, that simply means I am skilled enough to get a job.

Alright, I made 20-30 videos during the early times of lockdown. Also, I wrote many answers related to investment in Quora.

Just for an experiment, I decided to take a job (totally opposite to my nature). As I have been writing blogs for more than 3 years, I had gotten the decent experience of writing content. So, I got a job as a content writer in Bhavnagar based IT company.

I had no idea about the framework so I gradually learned about the framework while writing content for the company.

Expectations vs Reality

Actually, I wanted to write content for businesses and not for only a specific technology or framework or whatever you call. I wanted to write regarding marketing strategies and business case studies. But, the company gave me a lot of work only related to eCommerce framework which has only 3% market share globally in initial days. That’s the obvious reason, I did not know about that framework.

I wrote for another two websites where I used to write for electronic products. Go to the office. Check out the best products on Amazon. Write about the products and repeat. Another website was totally different. It was a website for baby names based on religions.

When it comes to writing blogs, I was not at all a beginner and the company treated me as a beginner! At the time I started a job, my blog – Itsfacile used to get nearly 2000-3000 visitors monthly from organic search. And still, it is! However, senior management reviewed my content each and every time and tried to find out maximum mistakes. And these mistakes showed my poor or average performance.

Writing is an art. If you believe that, Anuj’s content is not as effective as a senior, your level of understanding towards writing is terrible. Everyone has his/her own writing patterns and ideology of thinking and it cannot be compared. Period.

There will be the scope of improvement on the website of Apple and Microsoft too because we think differently. Our understanding of one specific technology can be different. Is that really mean the tech giant have poor content writers? Do you really believe that Apple and Microsoft are wasting their time on Research and Development and they should focus on improving the content on their website!!! How insane logic it is!

Apart from content writing, I used to take tutorial videos with the script. Pretty much boring task. There was no scope of growth and learning.

Ideas and Implementation

I could have done a lot of things to help the company to grow. For instance, I had ideas for experiments that can help to grow business exponentially. But, I did not get the chance the prove my ability. I was just a content writer for them.

An IT company can be created just by having 3-4 international clients. After that, the growth will depend on which area the owners want to expand their business.

There is a tremendous demand for Android/iOS development, WordPress development, Shopify development, SEO projects, social media marketing projects, graphic designing, PWA and AMP development, machine learning and artificial intelligence and uh. Tired! So many things but cannot write all the points here.

“DREAM BIG? JOIN (COMPANY NAME)” – This is written on the company’s career page. I dreamed so big that the company ignored my thoughts and philosophy towards growing the business.

Tried multiple times to tell the management. Diversification was important. Doing experiments were important. But, nothing!

I worked with good people. Colleagues were helpful and supporting. May be they are the reason I worked for 7 months.

Two Incidents

Productivity depends on various factors. Such as daily work life, business load, personal relationship issues, late-night sleep, not eating proper food, tension and stress related to the future and the list goes on.

Very basic. Isn’t it?

There was a day when the owner thought that my productivity went down sharply. Of course, he told the manager and the manager told me to write all the details in ‘daily work log’ with how many hours you spent on a particular task.

Another incident was related to my hobbies! The owner blocked two of my favourite sites which I used to open the most. It’s not like that I spend hours and hours on the same website! It’s not like I was the alone visiting these two websites! Every one did!

However, the company claims on its website that it offers the best environment to work.

But, where is it?

Final Thoughts

To learn more, experiments are the key. One cannot build biceps by watching videos or reading a book regarding fitness. Implementation is a must. I realised from my job experience that success does not come from my comfort zone.

I was not learning and there was no scope of an experiment in the company. I had nothing to lose as I already have Fiverr and Saral Investment as my solid backbone.

So, I decided not to waste more time and focus on doing creative stuff that I love the most. Planning to teach people regarding investment on my Youtube channel.

Lastly, I wrote an article on India’s private sector, three-years ago, by doing research. And believe me, I experienced everything I mentioned in my blog.

I wrote this blog just for documenting my journey. I will read this again after 5,10,15 years.

Thanks for reading. I always prefer to write short and too the point.


Anuj Vohra

Founder of and Saral Investment

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    After reading your blog...i feel soo..u do same as this quote...

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