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2019 was one of the life changing years for me. I saw lots of ups and downs in my life. And that’s how I grew up.

Easyka Digital Solutions LLP:

In January 2019, I was so clear that this year I am going to spend most of my time on building my new company Easyka Digital Solutions. I registered a domain and started working on building a quality website for my first ever social media marketing agency.

21st February 2019, it was my birthday. Easyka was incorporated on 15th February 2019. I and Kaushal (Business partner) decided to launch a company on my birthday. We launched on 21st February.

I have started working hard on Easyka Digital Solutions.

In 2019, I wrote 21 articles on marketing and 50 Instagram posts, created a website that includes a chatbot, about us, contact us, pricing, services and all the type of required web pages. I promoted a company on LinkedIn and Twitter also.

But… Things were not working.

We have started a company with an aim to help local businesses. We faced so many difficulties because most of the business owners did not prefer to spend money on social media ads.

After getting 2-3 rejections, I was completely fine. After all, it’s a business. But, on the other hand, for some reason, my partner decided to start preparation of IELTS as he wanted to go to Canada for further studies. He actually gave up from the company just after 2 months of launching.

One incident that hurt me the most. We had convinced a big client (Thanks to the father of Kaushal and my immense efforts ) for a monthly package of social media ads. We finalised the deal and the business owner told us that collect a cheque of “whatever amount is for yearly plan” tomorrow. And that amount was 84,000 INR. The next day, I called Kaushal because of the business owner and Kaushal’s father was a family friend. He did not go to collect a cheque. The next day, he did not go. He did not even call the business owner for 5 days! I used to request him, Please go and collect a cheque. It’s our first business. But, he did not go. After 1 week, he called the business owner and the business owner told that he was not interested. We lost 84,000 INR. I was furious but I did not do anything.

Then, I decided to go alone. I did all the possible things to get clients. I provided free consultation and services as well in order to gain trust from clients.

Something good happened on the 3rd of September. I got an inquiry for social media marketing consultation and promotional video. That client gave me a five-star rating for both the service and earned my first money $75. It gave me confidence and I started doing meetings at the level market. Also, I started providing free digital audit to approach new consumers.


From late 2018, I started focusing more on SEO rather than writing more content. And actually, it helped me a lot.

In 2018, I had written 45 articles on & 21 articles on Total views in 2018 were more than 7000.

In 2019, I wrote 29 articles on & 7 articles on Total views in 2019 were more than 14000. So, I learned and applied on-page SEO and wrote quality content.


I started uploading more videos on Youtube. In 2019, I uploaded more than 20 videos despite I was not comfortable for making videos.


From July 2019, I started focusing to build a brand on Instagram. From July to the end of 2019, I uploaded more than 120 unique and valuable content related to investment and personal finance. I also ran an ad campaign (very low budget) from that I gained more than 60 followers. By the end of 2019, I gained more than 200 followers who like to consume content related to investment and personal finance.


I read many books that include Dhirubhai Ambani – Against All Odds, The richest man in Babylon, The magic of thinking success, My life and work by Henry Ford, Alibaba – the house that Jack Ma built and Amaru rakt ranjit vatan.

Saral Investment:

It was not a bad year for Saral Investment, I should say. Saral Investment crossed 1 Cr of asset under management. As of now, my clients have gotten decent returns. I am sure, after 5 years of investment periods, my clients would be very happy with my work.

I invested more in the capital market and mutual fund as well.

Quora and Podcast:

I tried to give answers to as many people as possible. I got more than 150k views from all my answers.

Also, I starting focusing more on audio content. Hence, I produced more than 25 episodes of the podcast.

I visited Ladakh with family. Beautiful place. Must visit.

That’s it. Learn a lot in 2019. Looking forward to taking make actions that help me to grow.

Anuj Vohra

Founder of and Saral Investment

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Anuj Vohra

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