Situation of a Student after 10th Class

Title is based on my all time favorite movie 3 idiots . Yes . Life is a absolutely race , “Agar tez nahin bhagoge , to koi tumhe kuchal k aage nikal jayeja” that’s not reality but it is senseless statement which is perfectly based on movie situation.

How we ruin our life?

Career choosing is the biggest mistake most of the students make after 10th class.

Our society is the most responsible factor for the mental growth of any child. Every parent wants their son or daughter should become a doctor, engineer, lawyer etc. And one of the most confusing time is after the 10th result. Students have to decide whether he/she should choose science / commerce / arts / diploma . This condition is happening with most of the student because they had just studied given subjects.

They don’t have any interest in a particular field because they just used to listen to the teacher. They don’t have passion in a specific field.

Now after getting a result of 10th, society decides what he/she should choose for his/her career. That’s a fact. It is totally based on the grades/percentage of the student. Imagine, there are two friends. First has got 90% in 10th board. The second friend has got 60% and he wants to take science as a career field. First has an interest in arts but people would demotivate him because of the “arts” field. He cannot choose a stream which is for ‘weak’ students. Now he is refusing to take science/commerce. Then the most common sentence by our parents ‘ beta, hum to tumhare acche k liye hi to keh rahe hain’  . That’s it.

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He took science and all the confidence turned into fear of failure. First who took science forcefully got 65% and second who took science by interest got 95% and get an admission in a very good college.

It does not mean the first who got 65% was a dumb student, but he was taken to the wrong direction by his parents. This is related to the quote of famous scientist Albert Einstein “Everybody is genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

 Most of the time it is better to follow our inner voice. Just do whatever you want.

Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition . They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary .

– Steve Jobs

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  1. Hey anuj you are doing great job… Just do some research on” ancient ” indian education system. You will get all answers whether system fails or the student..

  2. Great article..👏👌 Very necessary for all the parents to read and understand. Do try to share it with our parents’ generation.

  3. Very important topic for today’s youth as well as society …. … This is a topic which should be enlightened. …. Excellent work!!!!


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