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The Story of “Byju’s: The Learning App”

We have seen ads on television of Byju’s the learning app. The company was previously known as ‘Think and Learn private ltd’ is now a billion dollar company. Here is a Byju’s case study.

Byju’s Case Study:

The company was founded by Byju Raveendran in 2011. Before starting this company, he was working in the shipping industry as an engineer.

Once upon a time, Byju’s friend needed his help to crack the CAT(Common Admission Test) exam. Byju and his friend both cleared CAT exam.

Byju did not only clear the exam, but he topped in the exam. But, Byju’s denied taking admission in IIM because he was happy with his job.

After a few months, his other friend asked him to help for CAT exam. His friend cleared successfully. Besides, Byju topped the exam.

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From these two results, his friends and friends of friends started requesting to help for clearing the CAT exam. And he agreed to help.

Byju started to teach for CAT from a small room. His teaching pattern was so amazing that he became very popular among CAT students. Then, the small room had turned into a seminar hall. He also started travelling to other states to teach them.

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He started loving his career as a teacher. That’s why he registered his company named ‘Think and Learn Private Ltd’ in 2008. And now, this company is known as Byju’s the learning app.

This is how the company was started.

Business Model:

The company was selling the courses of competitive exams in the earlier stage.

This includes CAT, IAS, GRE, JEE and NEET. They have also introduced the courses of CBSE board, Gujarat board and Maharashtra board.

After the success of making courses of competitive exams, the company launched the courses from grade 4th to 12th.

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As per the tagline of the company ‘Fall in love with learning’, we can understand that all the courses are created with animation and graphical effects.

Byju’s app is subscribed by more than 5,00,000+ students.

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Advantages of Byju’s App

  • The biggest advantage of using Byju’s is the lower cost. If we compare the price of courses with metro cities, Byju’s courses are cheaper.
  • It is cheaper than tuition classes.
  • Students can learn anytime and anywhere.
  • Students can learn with fun.
  • Highly qualified teachers and professors.

Investment and Marketing

The company has got more than $244 million dollars in funding. It also includes the founder and CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg.

After getting funds in the initial rounds, the company started aggressive marketing by promoting their company using television ads.

Byju’s is India’s first educational unicorn startup which means the company has now more than a billion dollar valuation.

Final Words

The company is doing the best work by providing education in a practical way. This thing can improve the understanding of any topic for the students.

If we think for a long time, we can get high quality of manpower.

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