Market Needs Vs. Education

why engineers are unemployed

We are often reading in news about unemployment. But we have never heard what they want from us to be hired.

Why Engineers are Unemployed

Nowadays people genuinely believe after getting a degree from colleges, they will get a job. That is totally senseless. Moreover, some so-called smart people go for master degree expecting a guaranteed job when they finished their master degree.

The reality is that the market does not need people with high qualified degrees. It is the fact that our college syllabus is too much limited to taking a good job. All we need is specialized knowledge so that we can easily survive in the market.

Sometimes you have to choose a field which has the huge opportunity for getting a job and sometimes you have to have an extraordinary skills that no one can reject you.

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What Should Be Done

  • Do the things which are important for future.
  • Learn the things from the early state of college life.
  • Try to understand the market needs.
  • Visit the companies which is related to your field (If possible).
  • Stay updated with what is going on in The United States because after 2-3 years it will be in India.
  • Meet new people who is doing job-related to your field.

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