College Expectations Vs. Reality

College Expectations vs Reality

We have seen many pictures related to expectations vs. reality which are generally trolls on Facebook and Instagram. But just think about what is happening with education!

When we complete our 10th or 12th grade. Parents give hopes for an independent college life. That is not the end of the topic.

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There are mainly three types of students. According to the first type of students had taken college means totally fun and less study. The Second type of students had taken his/her selected field because of huge interest in the particular field and learning attitude. The third type of students who are studying for getting good marks only.

When they come to the reality which means getting admission in college. The first type of students will get to know about attendance review, assignments, tests, mid-semester exams, university exam etc.

The second type of students will get to know about we were thinking about learning this particular topic and we are now studying totally non-relevant subjects of my field.

Only the third type of student will get an advantage because they have already decided Go And Get Marks and some of them also get to know that only marks are not important for taking good job.

The Problem

You will not get to learn what you want most of the time. The main problem is the syllabus. We are getting globally connected with internet and we also know the future trend but the syllabus is not getting changed every year. And sometimes it is unchanged for almost 4 -5 years. You cannot survive with such education because what you have learnt is outdated and it is not the market needs.

What Should Be Done

I genuinely believe that self-learning is the best way to learn whatever you want to learn , understand and apply it in reality.

  • Give 1-2 hours for learning each day.
  • You can find many online sources to learn something different which you are interested.
  • Find something in which you are passionate about.
  • Do certificate courses. ( Certificate courses from the best universities has a very huge demand )
  • Tutorials from youtube and other sources.

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    1. Anuj…. Self learning is the only way to get something. However,degree certificate is the only stepping stone which is used for enter into the real world… Hope for the best. . . keep it up…


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