Why Students Dropout of College?

There are different type of fields with different type of colleges. Many students get admission with excitement of joining college. But, why are so many students taking dropout from the colleges?

Today, I am not going to discuss about students’ family problems, financial issues, health issues or anything like that. This article is purely based on the reality of our education system.

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There are many reasons for taking dropout from an engineering college. The ratio of taking dropout of engineering students is higher simply because the education system and syllabus are poor and also we have so many engineering colleges. It is very hard to survive in college life, if you are doing something innovative and useful.

Students want freedom in college life. But, they have to do some non-sense stuff such as assignments, viva, submissions and the most important exams! These are not the things some students want to do in their 18 – 22 years of age.

Do something when you are young, you have nothing to lose. – Steve Jobs

Actually, the quote of Steve Jobs is wrong mainly for the Indian students. Indian students cannot do any other activity properly while studying. Because, we have so much pressure to complete our study tasks. There are a few students who can multitask properly. Other creative students like ‘me’ survive till the end of engineering degree!

Here, we, the students cannot take dropout from the colleges easily. There are also so many steps. One of the most difficult tasks is to get permission from parents. Besides, there is no learning in colleges nowadays. It’s not about comparing ourselves with successful dropouts in the world. It’s about the practicality and reality.

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Many students love to spend time alone. They search so many things online which are totally irrelevant to college syllabus. Do you want to study the limited, old and bookish syllabus? Or, Do you want to about the latest things which are happening in the world? It’s up to you.

Final Words

We always hear the motivational quotes from the successful people. In which, successful people say that, ‘we should do what we love’. But How??? There is no enough time to do that work or we also don’t have a positive environment to start or complete the task.

These are the biggest reasons why students are taking dropouts. The number of students who are taking dropout from colleges and even in schools are increasing. Because, they don’t feel comfortable themselves in that culture.

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One Comment on “Why Students Dropout of College?”

  1. bro you are so true. I also face the same when I want to do something else but can’t do it becoz of shit stuff like assignments and all. I am not against assignments,viva but they should be creative or something that helps a student to grow. Assignments are not there to fill the books. They are there to fill the minds.


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