“Never Give Up” – Not For All Students

While studying we have faced the difficult situations when we are not able to understand particular topic or subject. The teachers told students to practice and you will get to understand.

Why you should Give Up on your DREAMS?

We, youngsters, are viewing inspirational quotes, motivational videos, success stories etc. Most of the time we are watching this because we just like to watch.

Only a few students who are really inspired by a video or an image because they watched it because they are willing to learn something from them.

What Should Be Understood

Most of the students have a particular topic or subject that is not properly understood or sometimes difficult to understand.

Practice can help you to success many times.

But you have to understand some things are not for you. It does not mean you have negativity in your mind. If your inner voice is not pushing you to do something, you are gonna give up.

What we have heard so far is “Everything is possible”. No doubt, everything is possible… I agree. If you are not good at singing, and you think of becoming a singer! It is next to impossible.

Mathematics can be learned by practising, but there are also some students who cannot learn it even if working hard.


Sometimes we work hard to achieve our goals in the study, but it is fine if you failed to achieve.

Instead of being sad because of not achieving a goal, you should have to think positively that at least you got to know how to work hard and that will 100% help you in the future.

Without passion you don’t have energy, Without energy you have nothing…

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4 Comments on ““Never Give Up” – Not For All Students”

  1. Someone once said- People ask “How do you maintain Motivation?” And he said People that ask that question don’t understand that motivation comes and goes. Discipline is what fills in the gaps!


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