DON’T Watch Web Series!

Young India and web series

I have been observing many young people who love to watch web series. They spend hours and hours for watching a web series. Here is Why We Should NOT Watch Web Series.

I know very less about web series. But, I have heard a lot about it.

I wrote this article on April 5, 2019. That was the time when the OTT (over the top) platform started seeing a massive spike

I am re-editing this article on April 29, 2020, when people are not allowed to go outside of their home due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Why We Should NOT Watch Web Series:

It all started with FRIENDS web series. People download it from illegal platforms like a torrent and watch the whole series in 2-3 days.

It was a time when there was no Reliance Jio.

The people who had broadband connection used to download the whole web series and they gave it to their friends.

After that, I observed that Game of Thrones(GoT) became a super popular web series.

It was still a slower market till 2016.

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In the last 3 years and the next 5 years, watching a web series online has and will become a trend!

In the giant cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru and Chennai, this trend is being followed!

Online media streaming platforms like Hotstar, Netflix, Amazon Prime and MX Player are growing super fast.

They are providing ‘so-called’ high-quality content at the cheapest rate!

Many online media streaming services promote pornography and nudity on their platform!

And that’s why the young generation is getting attracted to online media streaming.

I want you to ask yourself these questions.

Do you really feel amazing after watching a web series?

What did you learn from a web series?

How many hours have you wasted watching a web series?

Think this way!

You may have watched many web series till the day, but how do you get so much time to watch so many web series?

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, there is still a nation wide lockdown in India. Because of this, millions of people have already lost their jobs. And many millions will loss their jobs sooner or later.

If you have been utilizing this quarantine this for consuming a lot of entertaining content and you have not focused on improving yourself, that would be difficult for you to get a job and your career.

Don’t you have goals, dreams and ambition?

How can you become so careless?

Generally, people who used to watch web series are between 18-25 years old in India.

The golden period when you can achieve anything you want by working hard! I am telling the truth which I have observed!

Look, all the companies which are providing content are doing business, right? They know you will spend more time on watching shows online and that’s what they want.

Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hotstar are here to make profits.

They don’t care about your life and career, obviously. They will always try continuously to make you addicted.

It’s fine to watch for entertainment. But, it should not become a HOBBY!

After reading this article, you may disagree with my opinion. Leave your opinion in comment area.

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Thank you!


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