Integral Connection between Education and Technology

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Everything changes at proper time. We have developed so many things and changed our standard of living.

If you look back for ten years from now, technology has changed our lifestyle. And it is changing our lifestyle continuously by developing affordable and useful things. But in case of education, there is no any huge change so far! In fact, there is no any small change that can be highlighted.

The only thing that interferes with my learning is MY EDUCATION – Albert Einstein

4 Best Ways to Educate Yourself Using Technology

If we want to improve the quality of education with the help of technology, we have to learn self-learning by practising and applying in the real world.


Online Courses

We have several platforms from which we can learn online by watching videos and solving assignments or tasks. These platforms are providing certified courses from one of the best universities in the world.

All the types of courses are available. Some of them are free and others are paid. But it is valuable more than your college degree if you do any course seriously and with your interest. Here are the sites which should be used.


Application like Byju’s is providing e-learning platform so that we can also learn our school syllabus from our home. It is also proving courses for competitive exams. Main focus of this platform is to visualize the core concept by creating animation and graphics in videos. All these courses are paid but it is changing the way of education.

Free Sources

Youtube is the ultimate source of learning new things. But the problem with YouTube is that there are so many unwanted contents and that’s why it is sometimes disturbing for learners. On another side, Khan Academy is providing all the type of courses at free of cost. You can also create your course and teach students.

Smart Classes

Smart classes in schools and colleges can also make big difference in learning. It can also visualize the core concept of any topic. But it is not possible to create smart classes in all schools and colleges because it is costlier.

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