Selling Education: All Time Profitable Business?

One of the most profitable and less risky businesses is selling education for many years. The population increases and that’s why opportunities are end-less.

In simple words…  Competition in the market is increasing rapidly.

That’s why every parent wants a good quality education for their child. In India, good equality of education means higher education cost.

For many years, I have been noticing that business persons, builders, politicians and also few teachers/professors are opening their own school or college.

These kinds of school/colleges will take too much higher fees, not because of the higher level of education, but for doing business.

By 2030, the average educational cost in India would be more than 30 lakhs. It also includes some factors such as inflation and population growth.

Why Education is All Time Profitable Business:

Schools or colleges are look-alike factories where students learn how to score more in the exam.

We can say they just want output which means good result anyhow. No doubts, the teachers and professors are working hard to teach students.

They also motivate students. But, just for scoring good marks in the exam.

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My Story:

I would like to call a “private limited company” rather than school and colleges which are selling education at a higher cost.

The most important factor about this “companies” is a fee structure. I have studied in science school where school fees were 4000 Rs. and tuition fees was 46500 Rs. per semester.

Edit note: Now the fees are more than 65,000Rs 27/03/2019

You may have a question that why school fees are only 4000 Rs.?

Because there are some restrictions by the government to increase school fees. And for also saving tax, they force students to create their bank accounts, and then they will transfer it to schools’ account.

Well, no one can even think like this except the business person. Besides, there were total of 1800 students in both 11th – 12th.

The only thing I learned in my school life is working hard. Nothing else…

Coaching Institutes

According to me, Coaching Institutes are giving better teaching. Generally, these institutes are mainly for competitive exams such as JEE-mains/advance, NEET, NATA, CA-CPT and other government exams.

Parents take too much care about their child’s education nowadays. That’s why even if they can’t afford to pay higher fees, they try to give the best quality education for their child. 

Sadly, most of the students don’t get a quality education.

Coaching institutes are also higher in cost. I would recommend learning from youtube videos. The intention of these YouTubers is just to teach you and sharing their knowledge.

Indian Education System Vs US Education System:

Many people are thinking that higher education in the United States is too much costly compared to India.

According to Wikipedia, there are 16,000 staff and faculty, including 2,400 professors, lecturers, and instructors teaching 7,200 undergraduates and 14,000 graduate students.

We have 1 faculty or assistant among 60 students and Harvard is giving more than 1 faculty to each student. That makes a big difference in the educational system.

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We have to understand the future and that’s how students should be learned.

A parent should understand the potential of their child and they should go for paying higher fees.

Students should focus on practical and specialized knowledge rather than just theoretical knowledge.

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  1. This is the harsh reality we are facing nowadays in india.I appreciate blogger to write an eye opening blog. This needs to be changed.

  2. That’s why schools and universities produce machines ..not human beings..these are of no use in country’s developmemt..even they can’t do self development..


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