Do You Think We, The Youngsters Are Anti-Social?

Anti social nature

You all may have heard the word “Anti-social” for our young generation from your parents. But, the reality is very different.

Nowadays, if 12 years old kid has a smartphone and is also spending too much time on his phone. He may be chatting with his friends or playing games or watching videos on youtube. He is an anti-social boy according to society.

We all are facing this problem whether you are 18 years old or 28 years old. If one is spending most of the time with his smartphone, it’s his choice. You can’t blame the all social media platform or latest technologies.

According to our parents and relatives if I am not communicating face to face properly to strangers or relatives then I am anti-social. People talk behind that all the young generation is busy with their smartphone. It is happening just because of the generation gap.

 We Are More Social

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Time changes, technology changes and the way of communication changes. By the early time of 2005, most of the people in India are connected with a cellular network. Then, smartphone came in 2007.

The smartphone revolution has changed the whole communication process. The world is in the small device.

Social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram and Snapchat has changed the way of communication. Now, let me prove we are more social. We all know how to communicate with others on social media. We are sharing our day to day life by posting a story.

We are sharing our opinion on a particular topic by writing a post. By watching videos on Youtube we are learning different things. People like me sharing an information by blogging and you are reading and you may share this post with your friends.

Isn’t it cool? Our parents can’t imagine how we are active on social media.

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Sharing all these types of information by media is not making us anti-social. We have to accept the change in communication. The world we are living changes very fast.

The Fact

I also didn’t mean that it is fine not to communicate properly face to face. It is also needed in our routine life. Spending too much time on a smartphone can make your parents feeling bad.

Our parents just want us to talk to people and learn something from them.

What’s Your Opinion?

That is just my opinion which I would like to share with you. If you are reading this, don’t forget to write your opinion in a comment.


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  1. absolutely right my friend we are not anti social but our point of view is different then our parents. I totally agree with you


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