Youtube Usage in India | Pros and Cons

Youtube usage in India pros and cons

The most popular video sharing and video streaming platform Youtube has been growing exponentially since the launch of Reliance Jio.

After the huge success of Reliance Jio, Youtube started making profit in millions in India.

Before Jio, Youtube had less traffic from mobile users and more from computer/laptop.

There should be a positive side because the number of internet users are increasing rapidly.

The Use of Youtube:

India has the cheapest internet rates in the world.

It is the greatest thing for the country like India in which more than 60% of the population is under the age of 30.

But, only 8 to 10% youngsters are using Youtube for educational purpose.

Youtube has so much informative and knowledge gaining content that perhaps you might not get such content in any paid course.

Still, a few people are taking advantage of YouTube.

What do People Watch on YouTube:

Most of the youngsters in India consider YouTube as an entertaining platform.

We, young India, consume Youtube for entertainment. Not for learning new skills or anything that adds some value in your life.

People prefer to watch a trailer of a new movie, the trailer reaction, Bollywood and Hollywood gossip, Dance and Music videos, Unboxing of new products, adult comedy videos, gameplay, lifestyle vlog, fashion videos, movies, politics and many more.

Now tell me, which of these categories will make you super intelligent and knowledgeable person?

All these YouTubers are making millions. You may tell me they struggled a lot in the initial days and then became popular Youtubers.

Youtube usage in India pros and cons
Youtube usage in India pros and cons

But, it does not mean they are improving yourself. You simply learn nothing after watching a comedy video. You learn nothing after watching a game-play.

Youtube has the power to make you super successful in your career as well as it can destroy you.

Here I have some questions for you if you watch videos related to these categories.

Does it make sense to watch 4-5 music or dance videos?

Does it make sense to watch Unboxing a new phone?

Does it make sense to watch nonsense adult comedy of overrated Youtuber?

Does it make sense to watch 2 hour video of Youtube FanFest?

Absolutely, NO.

Also read: Watching a Web Series is Current Trend!

We learn nothing after watching all these stuff.

In fact, we are wasting our time and feel sometime jealous of the lifestyle the Youtuber is living.

Their job is to entertain you and your job is to waste your TIME!!!

Seriously! ?

Youtube Algorithm:

Youtube will always try to show you related content based on what you have watched previously.

That’s why Youtube don’t want you to leave the app or website because they make money from ads.

It is very simple.

If you watch more videos, you will see more ads and that’s how they make millions of dollars.

On the other side, if you watch content that improves your skills, Youtube will help you to become a master in the particular skill because it will keep showing related content on your Youtube Homepage.

Still not agree with me?

Now, open Youtube Trending Section. You will realize that all the mentioned categories are at the top!

I am just helping you to focus on the things which are related to your career.

What I watch on YouTube?

As you may know, I am an engineering student but passionate about finance, investing, marketing and business case studies.

Also, I love to get knowledge of technology and what is the current trend in the market.

Let me categorized. So that, if you are interested in these areas, you can learn.

Finance and Investing:

Business Case Study:

Technology and Current Affairs:

That’s all about my interests and thoughts on Youtube.

Learn Financial education on my channel:

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