The Reality Of Important Question Bank

The imp question bank

From the high school to higher college studies, we all are used to prepare according to IMP(Important) question bank. But the reality is totally different!

When I was in 9th class, for the first time I had heard about IMP or IMP question bank. And also I too have been following these methods for many years. I have found some interesting stuff related to the so called Important Question Bank.

The Reality of Important Question Bank

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As an engineering student, the important question bank that professors or seniors give is totally useless according to me. The given question bank refers to all the questions and theories.

Question bank only gives us all the theories in a question form. And also it covers most of the concepts.

How They Create Question Bank

Creating a question bank is as simple as it can be created by the 7th class student. Just take 3 – 4 years of questions asked in a university exam, and just check your given question.

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The majority of questions are same as given in the university examination paper. And mostly question bank contains a hard and difficult question to learn.

How It Fails

We as students are used to prepare all the questions which are given in question bank only. No doubt, these questions can easily get you passing marks. But there is no guarantee in university.

If in the exam, there are very basic and simple question, and we have prepared for so-called IMP questions. The exam paper will become difficult though it contains totally basic and simple questions. According to me, we should at-least refer one time the whole syllabus.

What Is Your Opinion 

This article is based on my story and my field. Probably it may differ from your studies. Write down the comment and give your opinion. You can also write your own experience related to this topic.

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  1. It’s right Anuj vohra that imp question Bank is useless but i need to tell u one think the questions which are given by the faculties covers at least the overview and it atleast gives the idea of subject also so it’s nt like that it is not useful but need to see the question Bank once and if not question Bank than the best way for you and me is we need to see the university question papers it will be meant much thank anyways fr these blog also was nice u shared your experience with us


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