Why I Want Dropout from College?

I have read so many books and videos of great entrepreneurs who are college dropout. When I was in 11th std, I used to think like taking a dropout from college is the coolest thing because Steve Jobs had done it. But, that was not true.

MY STORY – 20/03/2018

At the age of 16, I decided to do a business and will not try to get any job. That dream became true just after 2 years. Besides, I am also writing articles for my blog itsfacile.com and educate.itsfacile.com . My company – Saral Investment is super small but I started feeling the workload.

Now, I am managing my two blogs and my official company also. But, it is always fun to do a work which you love.

Now, let’s come to my studies. Frankly speaking, my interest of studying computer engineering is dying. And I just used to present physically in class and labs. I started feeling finance and marketing are better than the degree of Computer Engineering. These two fields have more real life application and CE.

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Then, I started remembering all the articles and videos of Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and Ritesh Agarwal. I completely understood why these people had to dropout. We cannot simply concentrate on multiple things. There is so much of stress while doing multiple things with the different field.


Well… I love marketing, finance, writing and doing some creative things. It’s not at all easy to focus on all the side and I also keep learning new things. All these things are area of my interest and also it has a huge potential in the future.

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I don’t want to take dropout because this poor educational system. I just want to improve my knowledge in my area of interest.

But, unfortunately, I am not allowed for taking dropout.

Tell me what’s your thoughts in the comment area.

Thank you…

Anuj Vohra

Founder of Itsfacile.com and Saral Investment

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Anuj Vohra

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