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Anuj Vohra
In the beginning of 2017, I was very confuse about studies and what is going in my life! However I was writing articles on my old blog( 1 post per month).
15th March,2017 I purchased Itsfacile.com and also was a big decision. It was a big decision because I had no more interest in programming. I started this blog just because I want to share my knowledge and opinions. Writing is in my DNA so that was no issue for it. I started writing articles on tech business, social media, password safety, passion into paycheck, education and many things. I learn so many things such as digital marketing and WordPress mainly.
On the other side… I have been reading so many articles on the financial year 2016-2017. The Indian market has started booming and I started taking interest in the finance sector.
It was a totally different field for me because I was a tech guy who doesn’t know about commerce but loves business! And business is directly related to finance! I started preparing for an exam for becoming the financial advisor.
It was super difficult than I have expected! When I went to Baroda for training, I was the youngest among 30 people! After learning so many things, I gave exam on 3rd October ( On 5th October I had a paper of Maths 3 Remedial 🙄) I passed and exam! And my first and official company launched on 25th October,2017 Saral Investment!
And also I have never stopped writing between engineering exams, AMFI exam( Exam for becoming financial advisor) and doing the business. 2018 can become a game changer so that have to work harder.
Thank you for reading(:
Happy New Year.

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