How Schools/Colleges are Failing Entrepreneurs?

5 Reasons Why School/Colleges Are Failing Entrepreneurs

Our traditional school culture is failing entrepreneurs every single day. Basically, entrepreneurs cannot see themselves running for ‘rate race’. There are bunch of reasons why entrepreneurs hate schools and colleges.

A dreamer, a creative mind and an intelligent brain are not able to perform well if someone is going to college.

Most of the people follow this culture: “go to school, go to college, get good marks and find a high paying job”.

Entrepreneurs are those who don’t want to follow this culture and they always want to create their own path.

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Here are the reasons how schools/colleges are failing entrepreneurs…

5 Reasons School/Colleges Are Failing Entrepreneurs:


One of the most important keys for any entrepreneur is independence. If they want to create their own path, they don’t want to follow the trend created by society. 

Many young entrepreneurs are willing to do a startup but because of school/college, they cannot give the required time to their startup.


Many students are highly creative by the mind and intelligent by the brain.

This talent got hidden because of school and colleges because they have to complete their degree first.

5 Reasons Why School/Colleges Are Failing Entrepreneurs

Waste of Money & Time:

School and college fees are very high and in ‘return'(ROI – Return on investment) entrepreneurs get nothing from them.

That’s why it is a waste of money and time also. Young entrepreneurs want to spend their money and time from which they can learn what they want. And then, they want to do what they love to do

This is a big difference between people who are highly successful in their field.

Work Culture:

According to entrepreneurs, schools and colleges are for those who want to do a 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM job. Schools and colleges are created for employs to get trained, not for employers. 

Final Words…

The market does not care about your grades, certificates and degree. The market only cares about your product.

According to entrepreneurs, no one can judge anyone by grades or degrees. Entrepreneurs think differently. That’s why it is super difficult for them to survive in schools and colleges. 

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