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What do Successful Businessmen Never Talk

Most of us love to hear speech of successful businessmen. Generally, they talk about their journey, success story, upcoming trend and motivation.

Here, I am not going to talk about the motivational or inspirational thoughts of successful businessmen.

We should also learn about the nature of successful entrepreneurs. Not only business owners but also we can learn a lot of things from chairmen and executive officers.

Things that Successful People Never Talk

1. Politics 

Most of the highly successful entrepreneurs never talk about politics. Because they don’t want to involve in politics. They never give any opinion on any political party.

When common men talk about anything related to politics, successful businessmen spend more time in business development, innovation and research.

They never talk but they know all the things happening in politics. Because big businesses many times depend on new policies of the government.

Besides, while talking about anything related to politics, they are representing their companies so any small sleep of tongue can affect businesses.

  • The current president of The United States Donald Trump is also a highly successful businessman but he joined politics by his interest.

2. Religion 

Religious matters are one of the most sensitive topics for any country. Businessmen also never get involved in such matters.

As mentioned above, they are not just giving their opinions, they are representing the company itself.

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3. Social Media

Generally, successful entrepreneurs are not active on social media. Some of them are daily active on Twitter and LinkedIn for business purpose.

Many entrepreneurs are using social media just for promoting business.

  • Mark Zuckerberg: He posts regularly on Facebook and Instagram because they are part of his business.
  • Elon Musk: He posts regularly on Twitter for giving his opinions. Using Instagram for promoting his business ( Tesla, SpaceX, Hyperloop).
  • Bill Gates: He always writes and posts about philanthropy and education on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.
  • Jeff Bezos: Not active on any social media.
  • Warren Buffett: Not active on any social media.

4. Television

These people never watch television! They never spend time watching debates. They also never predict the economy as shown on television.

According to these people, in free time it is better to read a book, rather than watching television.

Television and news channels are spreading negativity most of the time that can decrease the creativity level of any person.

Final Words:

You may have heard talking about all these topics by actors, sportspersons and other successful people. But successful entrepreneur never talks about these matters.

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Anuj Vohra

Founder of and Saral Investment

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