Types of Students Before Exam

Exams are only reason why many people hate studies. Situation of each and every student is different before the exam. Here are the three types of students before exam.

Three Types Of Students Before Exam

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The first type of students are those who do not study the whole semester or year. They always bunk the classes. And they also do not care about the result of the exam.

They try to study at night before an exam. And yes, these students do not prefer to read for exam in day time. These type of students may get passing marks because of luck. Several ideas of making cheats run in their mind.

Some students whose brain and memory power is really amazing are scoring good marks in exams even if they have not given enough time for studying.

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The second type of students are in the majority. They also bunk the classes. But when it’s time to study, they are the best at time management. The best ones who learn how to prepare more in less time can be learned from them. They get average marks or sometimes they achieve good score. Getting started for learning before the exam day.

These type of students enjoy the most school or college life. It is always better to live as “an average student” in your school or college life.


These are the most loved students by the professors and teachers. They do not bunk the classes. They think about professors and learning before bunking the class. They make notes in the class and revised every day. We call them “Toppers”. Sometimes they do not like to show off their studious nature in front of the class. But the result gives all the information easily.

They tend to sleep more before an exam because the syllabus is almost finished for almost two or three times.

What’s Your Opinion

Some parts of this posts may defer from your thoughts. As an engineering student, I have faced these kinds of students.

Comment your opinion…

What kind of student are you? and what kind of students you have faced?


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