Elon Musk’s Thoughts on Social Media

Elon Musk on social media

Many great entrepreneurs are against the use of social media. But, only a few of them give the proper reason.

The CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, Elon Musk gave a brief thinking for not using social media.

Elon Musk on Social Media

A few months ago, he had deleted his Facebook account because of the Cambridge Analytica scam. He also deleted the Facebook page of SpaceX and Tesla.

Before this scam, Elon was highly active on the social media.

Recently, he deleted his account from Instagram. Just after some days, in the podcast interview, he shared his thoughts on social media. Especially, he targeted Instagram. Because there are so many young people are using Instagram daily.

In this interview, Elon Musk smoke weed in front of the camera! And, the whole media started criticising.

The interview was taken by Joe Rogan.

Here is a popular video of Casey Neistat( one of the best lifestyle vloggers in the world) explaining all the things which are shared by Elon Musk.

I found two amazing things here.

Happiness equals reality minus expectation

Comparison is the thief of joy

What we learn from this video is to reduce the use of Instagram because most people are sharing their fake life. By showing such things, we may feel sometimes depressed.

I am sharing this thing because it had happened with me. And it may happen with almost every youngster.

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That’s why it is better to reduce the use of Instagram and live in a real world.

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