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Current Scenario Of Indian Private Sector

Most of the youngsters are facing problems in private institutes, companies and organizations.

After completing higher education, most of the students want to get a job. Only a few students are able to get a job in government sector. Most of the students are getting a private job nowadays.

In this article, I am going to discuss some interesting facts which are happening in the Indian private sector and also going to discuss the culture.

The Problems of Indian Private Sector


One of the biggest problems is the BOSS culture in the private sector. Head of the companies, institutes and organizations are not behaving properly with their employees.

This means employees have no right to speak their opinions. “Do as I say” culture is not healthy for any private company. The HR department should focus on the relationship with employees.

It should be “Leader culture” rather than “Boss culture”. Executives should work with employees, not just by ordering.

An employee who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected.


Too Much Work Load 

We tend to get told that the private sector means a lot of workloads.

That’s the fact because many companies are not following the time limit system unofficially!

And if companies are not paying some reward for doing extra work, this is the worst thing. Sometimes it becomes a stressful job for an employee and that can affect his/her mental health.

Ragging Culture

Yes. Ragging is not always connected with education. In many companies, new employees(Freshers) are treated badly. Senior employees should help freshers so that they can build confidence.

The strong bonding between employees can grow any business easily.

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Less Salary 

It is the most difficult thing to survive in the private sector. Many young people join the company with the expectation of a high salary in the future.

But the growth rate is too low. They take a lot of advantage of working with freshers by giving them a lot of work and paying less salary.

If the companies are not increasing salary, an employee will have to take another job to fulfil his/her requirements. Generally, most of the companies are failing to treat employees properly.

You don’t build a business, You build people and then people build the business.

Share Your Thoughts

That is just my thoughts on the private sector which I would like to share with you. If you are reading this, don’t forget to write your opinion in the comment.

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Anuj Vohra

Founder of and Saral Investment

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